Kenrokuen Gardens Kanazawa

Kenrokuen Gardens Kanazawa The Kenrokuen Gardens are famous for their year-long beauty, lush and serene landscapes. Situated in Kanazawa, Ishikawa, Japan, it is an old park-like garden and is the city’s main attraction. The entry is paid and is open for leisure year-round, except December 29 to January 3. It was built by the Maeda … Read more

Shirakawago Blog

Shirakawago Picture postcard beautiful and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Shirakawago is stunning village hidden in an isolated valley in the far north of Gifu Prefecture. Instantly recognizable by the steeply sloped, thatched roofs of the traditional wooden houses that dot the landscape. Far from being just an attractive design, these specially crafted roofs  are … Read more

Artisan Ohi Toshio

Artisan – Ohi Toshio As part of Kanazawa Tours Meet the Masters series, I would like to introduce you to the master potter and ceramic artist Ohi Toshio Chozaemon XI. Ohi-san is the 11th generation of a long line of masters to take the name Chozaemon; a name that has been passed down through his … Read more

Kanazawa’s Kimono Master (Kaga Yuzen)

Kanazawa Tours get an exclusive meeting with Kaga Yuzen(Kimono Dyeing) master, Hisatsune-san, who speaks about the age-old tradition of kimono dyeing in Kanazawa and how the times are changing. So what is Kaga Yuzen and how is it different to other kimono dyeing styles? Kaga Yuzen traditionally depicts beautiful natural scenes, such as flowers, birds and … Read more

Japanese Harvest Festival (Horai Matsuri)

Weeks of preparation have been going into this event. The shrill of Japanese flutes, heavily strummed shamisens and screaming stick-wielding, lion-fighting children fills the cool autumn night air. The back streets of Tsurugi are alive every evening in the build-up to this annual event. The diaspora will return, families will gather and the very rare workday … Read more

Kanazawa Autumn Beauty

Momijigari – Making the most of Fall/Autumn Beauty in Kanazawa After another long, humid summer, we are now entering what is personally my favorite time of year to be in Japan. As the temperature and humidity drop back down to tolerable levels, the millions of maple trees throughout the country begin their dramatic change. Over … Read more

Kanazawa’s Top 4 Rainy Day Activities

With the rainy season well under way, KWT visits some great local museums to explore and keep you dry! Rainy season, or “Tsuyu” in Japan lasts from the beginning of June to around mid or late July and brings with it frequent torrential showers and punishing humidity. The unpleasant weather need not spoil your day … Read more

Kanzawa’s Samurai District

Take a step back in time with KWT and go for a stroll around the historical Nagamachi Samurai District. Unlike many of Japan’s largest cities, Kanazawa has been fortunate to come through much of the country’s oft-turbulent history relatively unscathed. This, coupled with incentives given by the ruling Maeda Family to encourage samurai and merchants … Read more

Kanazawa’s Hyakumangoku Festival

Come join Kanazawa Walking Tours as Kanazawa celebrates its biggest festival of the year! Each year, on the first Saturday in June, the colourful festival known as Hyakumangoku Matsuri is held on the streets of Kanazawa. It is a celebration to mark the anniversary of the arrival of Maeda Toshiie, a famous Sengoku Period samurai … Read more

A Whiskey with a Reiki Master

Kanazawa Tours sit down with Fumi Koji from ‘Let’s Reiki’ for the lowdown on Reiki in Japan. Fumi is a Gendai Reiki Master and Practitioner operating in the foothills of Mount Hakusan, a sacred mountain just outside Kanazawa. Whiskey of choice: Redbreast 12 Year First of all can you please tell us, What is Reiki? … Read more