Masanobu Ohta

It was on my 11th year with my master when he advised me to “establish my original” and to branch out from him. Since I worked mostly on my master’s work, I was inexperienced in drawing my own designs.

“Advertising my presence is the priority,” was what I thought back then and kept on working for exhibitions. I thought the only way to make my presence popular was to win awards in exhibitions. I concentrated on working for exhibitions while also working on customs pieces. It was after ten years that I started searching for other products besides kimonos that Kaga-Yuzen could be transferred to. During those ten years, I have received numerous awards in exhibitions. I stretched out my works into name card holders, paintings, skateboards and clothing which led me to meet other traditional arts and crafts artists with similar thoughts.

I think that traditions should not keep its position at one point, but it should change its shape along with the time flow. It took me a long time to finally reach this thought, special thanks to my master, seniors, and friends supporting me through these years.


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