Nestled on the South side of the Asanagawa Bridge is the smaller, but equally scenic Kazue-machi Chaya geisha district. Kazua machi is a quaint and enchanting little district, with hidden Geiko stables, real tea houses and some fascinating architecture. Strolling through these streets reels you back in time to a simpler, quieter time away from the traffic and tourists. A thoroughly enjoyable experience.

Deep in the heart of Kazue-machi we find the Kuragarizaka(stairway of perpetual darkness), A laneway which served as an access route from the business district to the entertainment district. This avenue was used by business men and merchants to conceal their movements during the Edo period, allowing a slick transition from the business world to the entertainment world.

At the top of these steps there is a shrine, a point of convenience or place of absolution depending on your night out J.