A Whiskey with a Reiki Master

Kanazawa Reiki Master

Kanazawa Tours sit down with Fumi Koji from ‘Let’s Reiki’ for the lowdown on Reiki in Japan.

Fumi is a Gendai Reiki Master and Practitioner operating in the foothills of Mount Hakusan, a sacred mountain just outside Kanazawa.

Whiskey of choice: Redbreast 12 Year

First of all can you please tell us, What is Reiki?

“Reiki is energy that fills the universe, an invisible method using the human palm to channel vibrations of the universe to cure physical disease and emotional pain. You may have heard of pneuma, prana, mana or chi. Reiki is what we call this energy in Japan. Reiki is also exercised for spiritual development and enlightenment.”

How did you get into it?

A deep and heartfelt story of a low in Fumi’s life and her subsequent recovery thanks to the healing process of Reiki unfolds in what is too personal to disclose in this blog. Fumi reflects on her initial suspicions of such practices before trying it, however after 10 months of practice, Fumi noticed a remarkable change in her life. She was no longer vexed by common issues, what previously irritated her now flowed over her and she felt a noticeable change in her ability to cope, a harmonising sensation.

Fumi Koji Reiki Master

How long have you been practising Reiki?

Fumi tells us she has been practising since 2004 after meeting with a Reiki master in Kanazawa. Fumi joined Gendai Reiki after an inspirational meeting with its founder Hiroshi Doi.

Who is Reiki for?

“Reiki is a way of life in becoming healthy and happy. Reiki can be practised by anyone at any time from anywhere.” Fumi makes reference to the intriguing method of ‘healing from a distance’, a method taught on her Reiki training course. Fumi’s clients are from all walks of life, her client base even extends to distressed pets.

Reiki for pets

One of the KWT staff volunteers for a session.

The Verdict: “A very relaxing and calming experience, I feel I’m carrying a lot less away with me, of course this is subjective but I feel energised and good to go”

How do we sign up for a session?

Fumi runs a one-to-one healing session (English or Japanese) on the first of each month (Tsuitachi Healing) for newcomers to experience a Reiki session. She also runs private sessions for clients of Kanazawa Tours.

You can also book a private session anytime: 30 Min healing session or 60 Min healing session. Book a session here

By Fumi’s youthful looks alone we are sold on Reiki, thanks for the trial see you again next month.