Kanazawa Omicho Market Tour

While the freshest of fish, Kaga vegetables, and other local produce can be found in abundance on the ground floor, few visitors look up and realize that there are wonderful restaurants on the floor above them. Why not take a walk up the stairs and check out the great cuisine, made with the finest ingredients from down below.

Omicho market in Kanazawa has been the bustling center of Kanazawa food culture since the Edo period. Within walking distance from Kanazawa Station, Kanazawa Castle, and the Higashi Tea District, it is frequented by locals and tourists alike.

The market is best visited in the morning, just after the boats bring in their dawn catch. Omicho market is easily accessible, and is a way to get a glimpse of the lives of the people of Kanazawa.

Omicho Fish Market
Omicho Market Kanazawa