D.T. Suzuki Museum

The D. T Suzuki Museum is an ideal place for visitors both inside and outside Japan to deepen their understanding of the ideas and achievements of Daisetz Suzuki, a prominent Buddhist philosopher known as D.T. Suzuki, and for self reflection.

The world of Daisetz Suzuki is presented in an idyllic setting typical of Kanazawa, landscaped garden encircled by stone and streams set against a background of vivid greenery sloping down from the kodatsuno plateau.

The museum consists of three wings connected by corridors, the entrance wing the exhibition wing and the contemplative wing and three gardens, the vestibule garden, the roji garden and the water mirror garden. Guests can learn about the philosophy of Daisetz Suzuki and engage in their own contemplation as they move through the wings and gardens.

Set in among the Honda gardens, this beautifully set museum is a great place to relax and reflect after a day of touring