Wellness Tours

Experience the relaxation of healing Reiki or the spiritual purification of Misogi in the foothills of one of Japans most sacred mountains (Hakusan). Immerse yourself in the beautiful nature of one of Japans most sacred shines.

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Reiki, Universal healing

Experience the relaxing and healing energy of Reiki with a qualified Reiki Master. Our local Master, Fumi, with over 10 years experience as a master will perform an hour session on you within the grounds of a popular power spot in the foothills of mount Hakusan.

Misogi Shinto Ritual ( Spiritual Purification Ritual)

The tour will show you the tranquil scenes of Shirayama-Hime Shrine, relaxing you in the natural and historical atmosphere. You can experience the Misogi Shinto Ritual. Our guide will introduce you to the culture and significance of spiritual rejuvination. The process takes about 3 hours from start to finish.