Sadaike Takashi

Takashi embarked on a journey to uphold his family’s legacy in lacquer craft. He established his own workshop, where he meticulously crafts exquisite lacquer pieces from raw wood.

Itukou Kiyose

Itukou Kiyose is a renowned lacquerware artist from Kanazawa, Japan. With a deep commitment to preserving traditional craftsmanship, Kiyose has become a master artisan specializing in the intricate art of lacquerware.

Masanobu Ohta

A decade with his master led him to pursue originality, focusing on work outside of kimonos. His diversified work connects tradition and contemporary art.

Hirotake Imanishi

Japanese ceramicist Hirotake Imanishi is an exciting young artist from Nara, who, after graduating with a Ph.D in molecular Biology, moved to Kanazawa to study ceramics.

Yuki Nara

Through this modern, innovative approach, Yuki Nara is creating a new form of ceramic expression: one that’s avant-garde, light, poetic and… architectural.


Hisatsune-san is a renowned Kimono designer in Kanazawa. Winning several awards for his unique style of Kaga Yuzen (Kimono Dyeing) in Japan and Europe.

Masahide Okabe

Masahide Okabe is an artisan of fifth generation of Fukushima Shamise Shop in Kanazawa.

Toshio Ohi

Ohi-san is the 11th generation of Ceramic masters to take the name Chozaemon; a name that has been passed down through his family for over 350 years.

Sakiko Morita

Sakiko offers an immersive experience in her workshop, which includes the application of Washi paper to the bamboo and a detailed explanation of the art and its history.