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Wagasa Sakiko

Japanese Wagasa Specialist, Sakiko Morita began her journey studying sculpture at the Kanazawa School of Art and Design. After graduating she became a Wagasa apprentice in Gifu city, a city renowned for Wagasa craftsmanship. It was under several masters in Gifu that Sakiko learnt the craft and eventually broke away to start her own workshop back in the shadows of Kenrokuen Gardens, Kanazawa. 

Kanazawa city has only 3 specialist who have kept this unique and culturally significant craft alive. Sakiko also restores Edo era umbrellas and takes inspiration from the design and attention to detail that her predecessors have applied.

Sakiko offers an immersive experience in her workshop, which includes the application of Washi paper to the bamboo and a detailed explanation of the art and its history. This is an experience not o be missed. Available on our Artisan tours.

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