Hisatsune-san is a renowned Kimono designer in Kanazawa. Winning several awards for his unique style of Kaga Yuzen (Kimono Dyeing) in Japan and Europe…..

Masahide Okabe

Masahide Okabe is an artisan of fifth generation of Fukushima Shamise Shop in Kanazawa…..

Masanobu Ohta

It was on my 11th year with my master when he advised me to “establish my original” and to branch out from him. Since I worked mostly on my master’s work, I was inexperienced in drawing my own designs…..


Itukou Kiyose is a renowned lacquerware artist from Kanazawa, Japan. With a deep commitment to preserving traditional craftsmanship, Kiyose has become a master artisan specializing in the intricate art of lacquerware.

Yuki Nara

Japanese ceramicist Yuki Nara is a descendant of the Ohi family, a long line of renowned ceramicists….

Toshio Ohi

Ohi-san is the 11th generation of Ceramic masters to take the name Chozaemon; a name that has been passed down through his family for over 350 years….