Yuzen Yumeki Lantern “Ezo chrysanthemum”


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Material:(Frame)Akita cedar (Side)Hiba
Product size: 18.5×18.5×54.5cm
Boz sixe:23×23×60cm
Weight of the box:1.5kg
Light bulb:E26 40W ×1

The story behind the work
When entering the Heisei era, high-end kimonos made by Kaga Yuzen were not so affected by the economy, and compared to other kimono producing areas (Kyoto, etc.), they were selling welll.
However, along with the burst of the bubble, Western-style living spaces were added, and the luxury kimonos of traditional royal crafts were less sold, which made us worried about the future.
The adviser, who has exchanges with different industries, advised us to think about unique products as the world of traditional crafts will soon come to a difficult time.

When I was taking a walk in the town, I could smell the scent of Japanese cypress. Followed the smell, there was a new house under construction, where the carpenter was scratching the cypress floor pillars. While talking to the masters, I got home with many scraps of wood that had fallen.

I thought that that would be good for bath, but before that, I took the shavings to my work room, applied a dye to dye the kimono to the brush, and applied the shavings. The wood was soaked with dye and dyed in a beautiful color. This is it! Inspiration research started to try Yuzen dyeing on trees.

At that time, sales in the Kaga Yuzen industry were bad, but you can get a job by creating a new design. However, I cannot stop thinking because I want to develop Yuzen dyeing of wood.
I lived half my work and half my development.

I was often upset by the people around me that I would lose orders if I left my core business, and my teacher cautioned me not to do anything.
Since I am doing something new in Yuzen’s history, my income has gradually declined and my life has become difficult, so I sometimes thought “I’ll quit this time”. However, when I started to think so, mysteriously good research progressed, and there were people who supported me.

I had a difficult life, but my wife encouraged me, and although I had no money, I was always bright in my home and could work while dreaming for the future.
A subsidy from Ishikawa Prefecture was accepted for the Yuzen dyeing of trees, and the development proceeded, and we received a gold medal at the prefecture’s new product presentation.
The Yuzen dyed work on the resulting tree was named Yuzen Yumeki.

This Yuzen Yumeki paper lantern is a luminaire that is hand-painted with a Yuzen pattern and emits gentle light from a wooden board.
Before the rain, when the humidity is high, there is a hint of cypress, which is evidence of using white wood. Yuzen Space Kobo Hisatsune’s original, unique work.