Tsugaru Ko-ki shamisen set


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Material and size of work

  • Product size: 100㎝
  • Product weight:2㎏~3㎏
  • Material:Red sander wood (Shamisen body)
  • Accessories:Repellent, finger rest, knee rubber
  • Delivery date:2 weeks

Red wood is a tree that reproduces in the rocky soil of the rocky outskirts of southeastern India.
The material is dense enough to be submerged in water, it is hard and does not distort, so it is most suitable as a shamisen rod.
You The higher the quality, the better the tone and the number of beautiful patterns (tochi) that differ from the grain.
Used as. The color of the bare wood may be dark or reddish.
The finest shamisen among the Beni shamisen is called Kinso.
The wood is over 200 years old. However, such a red tree over 200 years old
Currently, the number is decreasing due to the shamisen boom so far.
Recently, red wood has been planted and grown for shamisen, and its material is softer than the original one.
Therefore, the price is also high.
Our store has secured a large amount of naturally grown red wood for over 20 years and is an affordable price.
We handle everything from the finest to the finest.
Those who can start the shamisen in earnest will practice with the Beni shamisen with good sound quality from the beginning.
It is said that the better you get, the better your ears will get.


Features and thoughts of the work

The Tsugaru Shamisen has a profound feeling and a strong sound.
Also, the songs are often fast-paced and energetic.
In order to produce such a thick and powerful sound, we are carefully manufacturing from raw wood materials.
Handcrafted from raw wood, all are made by one craftsman. We are confident and provide high quality products that can be used for a long time.