Kaga Interior Chabako Box Small


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Recently, the “interior tea box (chabako)” is becoming very popular as an interior in Japan. Chabako is made of domestic cedar which is highly insect and moisture-proof and has deodorant function by coating the inside with zinc (galvanized steel sheet.) This has been used to store tea leaves from ancient times.

Kaga Box is very special as it is decorated with exquisite silk fabric dyed using the traditional Kaga Yuzen techniques. It is further embellished using the local traditional crafts such as gold leaf on top of zinc. It is beautiful and functional at the same time.

Unlike kimonos where the patterns appear on a flat surface, the chabako patterns appear on all four sides so it was very difficult to think three-dimensionally. We can assure that the Kaga Chabako is carefully finished and has a high degree of perfection. The inside is coated with galvanized iron and gold foil is applied, making it a functional storage box with excellent insect and moisture resistance.

Product size: 24 x 17 x 16 cm (need inches)
Product weight: About 0.9kg
Material: cedar, gold leaf, zinc (galvanized iron), silk