Amboyna wood shamisen set


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Material and size of work

  • Product size: 100㎝
  • Product weight:2㎏~3㎏
  • Material:Padauk (Shamisen body)
  • Accessories:Repellent, finger rest, knee rubber
  • Delivery date:around 10 days

Forest materials are mainly produced in Thailand.

It is used for beginners because the wood is coarse and the eyes are coarse and it is softer than rosewood and red wood.

Flower forest materials are used as a lesson because they are cheap and do not go crazy.

That is why.

Since the wood is acoustically suitable for the body, it is basically a shamisen for both rehearsals and concerts.

The torso is made of flower forest.

Features and thoughts of the work

For those who are new to shamisen, it is an affordable flower forest shamisen.

You can fully enjoy the classic Japanese shamisen tones.

Handcrafted from raw wood, all are made by one craftsman. We are confident and provide high quality products that can be used for a long time.