The Foreign Barber

KWT drop by another Kanazawa Entrepreneur to shoot the breeze. It’s unusual to meet a foreign barber in Japan, negotiating any kind of grooming in this country can be a real chore for the uninitiated. We head out to Merv, our favourite barber’s riverside studio on the banks of the Asanogawa river to find out … Read more


Kanazawa Walking Tours investigates the Matcha (green tea) Experience on the Chaya district Tours. The Chaya districts are a great place to start. Kanazawa Walking Tours visits and speaks to Mr Yonezawa, the proprietor of the oldest tea supplier in Higashi Chaya (East Tea District). He now stands proudly as the 5thgeneration tea master in this … Read more

Kanazawa Brewery

KWT take some time out during the winter season to talk to some of Kanazawa’s exciting entrepreneurs. We don’t have to go far to meet Yuka from Kanazawa Brewery, operating from a 19th-century building, perched above downtown’s Katamachi. What the building lacks in external aesthetics it makes up for with internal sophistication. So where did the inspiration to … Read more


Nestled on the South side of the Asanagawa Bridge is the smaller, but equally scenic Kazue-machi Chaya geisha district. Kazua machi is a quaint and enchanting little district, with hidden Geiko stables, real tea houses and some fascinating architecture. Strolling through these streets reels you back in time to a simpler, quieter time away from … Read more

Covid 19 Update
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